WEBINAR: Networking Workshop / Research Mission – “Agricultural Soil Quality & Water Management”

Organized by the Dordogne Chamber of Agriculture, partner of the TRIPLE-C Project, cofinanced by the INTERREG Atlantic Area Programme. Triple-C project is focused on the analysis, evaluation and capitalization of successful EU projects on the prevention and management of risks deriving from climate change, aiming at disseminating and transferring the best practices and results identified into policy making.

“Soil is the very basis for the food we grow as well as for the production of feed, textiles, wood and other materials. It provides us with clean water, hosts biodiversity, recycles nutrients, regulates climate and is part of our landscapes and cultural heritage. Soil is important for our well-being and the balance of ecosystems in our planet.” [CAP specific objective: Efficient soil management. European Commission]

The goal of this online networking workshop “Agricultural Soil Quality & Water Management” is to share best practices of projects identified at the European level that can serve as models for different countries in order to face the challenges of the soil management & water management.

The five projects to be presented within the session are dedicated to improving soil or water management, or increasing knowledge about them. Both are key components of healthy ecosystems and in the economy of local communities.

In this sense, the workshop will allow the capitalization of the main results of these projects, the exchange of good practices and experiences, the identification of barriers and possible solutions and, finally, the emission of recommendations based on the information obtained. It is also intended to ensure maximum visibility of the products, methodologies, activities and results of projects at European level.

An initial presentation on TRIPLE-C will be provided by Laurence Couldrick from the Westcountry Rivers Trust, as representative of the TRIPLE-C project.

For any questions you may have about the conference, please contact us at diego@grupodex.com

We are very much looking forward to E-meeting you on October 14th

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Programme 14th October 2020 (Time zone: Central European Time (CET))

10.00 DEX General introduction, objectives and functioning of the research misión

10.05 CDA24 Representative Welcome words

10.15 Laurence Couldrick | Westcountry Rivers Trust (UK) Triple – C project / Interreg Atlantic Area

10.35 Anabel Sánchez – Annelies Broekman | Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF) (ES) BEWATER / FP7 “Making society an active participant in water adaptation to global change”

11.00 Coffee break 11.05 José Darrozes | Laboratory Geosciences Environnement Toulouse, National Centre for Scientific Research (FR) SOIL-TAKE-CARE / Interreg SUDOE “Creation of innovative devices and methodologies for the rapid and cheap diagnosis of contamination by metals and hydrocarbons”

11.30 Prof. Dave Cooper | University of Chichester (UK) CPES / Interreg France (Channel) England “The Channel Payments for Ecosystem Services project”

11.55 Raúl Zornoza | University of Cartagena (ES) DIVERFARMING / Horizon 2020 “Crop diversification and low-input farming cross Europe: from practitioners’ engagement and ecosystems services to increased revenues and value chain organisation

12.20 Santiago Beguería| Spanish National Research Council (ES) PIRAGUA / Interreg Spain-France-Andorra (POCTEFA)  “Assessment and forecasting of water resources in the Pyrenees within the context of climate change”

12.45 Nathalie Coulaud-Vidal | Dordogne Chamber of Agriculture (FR) Closure