Fourth research mission

The fourth research mission of the TRIPLE-C project was organised by CDA24 (Dordogne Chamber of Agriculture) on the 14th of October. Due to the situation caused by the pandemic crisis, the meeting was held virtually, open to speakers and attendees from several European countries.

The objective of this online networking workshop “Agricultural Soil Quality & Water Management” was to share the best practices from previously identified projects in Europe which can serve as a model for other countries to face the climate change-related challenges on the agricultural and forestry sectors.

The workshop, moderated by Diego Díaz from Grupo DEX, began with a welcome note from Nicolas Fedou, Project manager at the CDA24, setting the context of what the risks associated with climate change may imply for agriculture, with particular emphasis on the importance of sustainable management of water resources.

Laurence Couldrick, Director of the Westcountry Rivers Trust (WRT), a partner in the TRIPLE-C project, gave an initial presentation on climate change and the current status of the TRIPLE-C project’s objectives.

The five projects presented at the workshop are focused on improving soil or water management, or knowledge about these elements, which are key components of healthy ecosystems and the economy of local communities.

In this sense, the workshop has allowed the capitalization of the main results of these projects (some still of a preliminary nature), the exchange of good practices and experiences, the identification of barriers and possible solutions and, finally, the issuing of recommendations based on the information obtained.

In addition, there was a vivid debate between speakers and attendees via the chat set up on the online platform, and there was considerable interest among the different participants in establishing future relationships to carry out work in this area.