Results – Triple-C


Triple-C will contribute to strengthening the territory’s resilience to climate and risks of natural origin through the following outputs:

Triple-C platform and the compendium of capitalised projects will share the best practices across Europe on the management and prevention of risk associated to climate change. This platform will be live for 5 years after the project to allow practitioners, local, regional and national authorities to attain access to continuous learning.

Research missions, Knowledge events and networking activities carried out by the partnership will create synergies among projects and partners and build up a ‘network of networks’ in order to reinforce and enlarge the capacities on management action plans and strategies of the Atlantic territories.

Guidelines for the next generation of EU cooperation programmes dealing with climate change risk management and the encounters with policy makers will increase the impact of territorial cooperation towards mainstream regional OP and/or other national and local policies.

The Final conference to be held in Brussels will contribute to communicate that mainstreaming of mitigation and adaptation climate change and related risks management and prevention into regional, National and EU sectoral policies and EU funds, is an essential component of a successful comprehensive policies. The activities will cover an estimate population of 800.000 people benefiting from flood protection and forest fire measures.

There is no planet B. We need nature, nature doesn't need us.

Contact with us

TRIPLE-C is conceived as a capitalization initiative with the aim of transferring best practices associated with prevention and management of climate change related risks. We invite partners from related projects to participate and interact with Triple-C project, using this contact section.

Coordinador de proyecto
ACMG- Jean-François Berthoumieu

ACMG Aéroport d’Agen, 47520.
Le Passage, France