Research activities – Triple-C

Research activities


The aim of this WP is to identify, organise, analyse and assess all the transnational knowledge and experiences obtained in the different EU projects dealing with the prevention and management of risks deriving from climate change.


3.1 Identification and analysis of capitalized projects and initiatives
3.2 Selection and analysis of good practices and results
3.3 Meetings and sessions with capitalized projects’ representatives
3.4 Creation and feed of the Triple-C platform
3.5 Diagnosis of Capitalized projects' impact


This working package will put into action a Knowledge Transfer and Exploitation Plan aimed at converting and mainstreaming relevant good practices and experiences got from the previous WP into useful conclusions and lessons by sharing and interacting with identified stakeholders.


4.1 Networking activity with projects
4.2 Regional events for technical audiences
4.3 Guidelines for the next generation of EU cooperation programmes dealing with climate change risk management
4.4 Participation in other events and congresses


The aim of this WP is to inform and commit public authorities directly or indirectly linked to risk management on climate change adaptation in order to influence their policy making. The final objective is that attention and results promoted by partners will pervade all policies, strategies and action carried out at pubic regulation level.


5.1 Meetings and encounters with relevant policy bodies and representatives
5.2 Technical reports and recommendations for the mainstreaming into policy
5.3 Thematic seminars related to the EU projects action in support to climate change adaptation and their influence into policies
5.4 Final conference

Climate change management is an international problem.

Contact with us

TRIPLE-C is conceived as a capitalization initiative with the aim of transferring best practices associated with prevention and management of climate change related risks. We invite partners from related projects to participate and interact with Triple-C project, using this contact section.

Coordinador de proyecto
ACMG- Jean-François Berthoumieu

ACMG Aéroport d’Agen, 47520.
Le Passage, France