Project – Triple-C


Triple-C project is focused on the analysis, evaluation and capitalization of successful EU projects on the prevention and management of risks deriving from climate change, aiming at disseminating and transferring the best practices and results identified into policy making.

Code number:
Programme priority:
strengthening the territory's resilience to risks of natural, climate and human origin.
Programme specific objective:
strenthening risks management systems
European Regional Development Fund:
Total costs:
  1. Collect, organize and update the results, methodologies and tools obtained from different projects in this field.
  2. Identify outcomes and good practices worthy of further dissemination and exploitation.
  3. Capitalize projects by exchange of good practices and experience among partners, as well as through identification of barriers and solutions and making recommendations.
  4. Assure the widest visibility of project products, methodologies, activities and results at European level.
  5. Transfer results, creating a multiplier effect and/or mainstream them into policies, supporting and influencing policymaking.
  6. Provide next EU programmes and initiatives with guidelines and recommendations to be implemented and to support approved projects.

next EU programmes and initiatives
3 main target audiences

European, national and regional policymaking bodies and related stakeholders.

Technical institutions responsible for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

EU cooperation programmes having climate change and risks reduction among their priorities.

Contact with us

    TRIPLE-C is conceived as a capitalization initiative with the aim of transferring best practices associated with prevention and management of climate change related risks. We invite partners from related projects to participate and interact with Triple-C project, using this contact section.

    Project coordinator
    ACMG- Jean-François Berthoumieu

    ACMG Aéroport d’Agen, 47520.
    Le Passage, France