Triple-C project kick-off meeting launched in Périgueux

Périgueux, 24-25th April 2019

The project Capitalising Climate Change projects in Risk management for a better Atlantic Area resilience (Triple-C) held its kick-off conference on 24-25th April in Périgueux, France. Hosted by the Chamber of Agriculture of Dordogne, the meeting counted with the participation of the core project consortium, consisting of 8 partners from the five programme countries.

During the two-day session the partners made the first decisions regarding the working methodology for the selection and analysis of capitalized projects and good practices related to adaptation to climate change and risk management in the selected EU programmes. In addition, partners discussed the main aspects regarding the project management and coordination, as well as the main communication issues.

Co-financed by the Atlantic Area Programme, Triple-C is a capitalization initiative focused on the analysis, evaluation and exploitation of best EU projects on the prevention and management of risks deriving from climate change. During the 30-month project, the project partners will collaborate to disseminate and transfer the best practices and results identified in this domain with the final aim of mainstreaming into policymaking.